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One of the major responsibilities of having a pool is making sure that it is clean and safe for everyday use, free of microbes and pathogens that can make you and your family sick. This is done through the use of chemicals such as chlorine compounds, acids and balancing agents.

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Treating a pool, however, is more than just dumping chemicals into the water. It requires knowledge, skill and experience in balancing these cleaning chemicals, because the wrong mix can potentially cause health issues, not to mention cost a big amount of money.

Save yourself the headache and the extra expense by letting the pros handle your pool chemical service needs. One of the best  pool service Cape Coral providers,  All Seasons Pool Service will expertly take care of your pool, from inspection to ensuring that the water in your pool is perfectly balanced with the right mix of chemicals, to shocking your pool.

Why Use Chlorine for Your Pool?

Chlorine is the one of the major chemicals necessary to clean and sanitize the water in your pool. It comes in three forms: tablet, powder, and liquid, and can either be stabilized (mixed with cyanuric acid or CYA that protects the chlorine from the sun’s UV rays) and unstabilized (unmixed with CYA).

When added to the water, chlorine forms hydrochloric acid that kills disease-causing  microorganisms and renders pathogens from sweat, saliva and other bodily secretions harmless by binding with them. This combination results in chloramine, which gives off that distinct chlorine smell.

Why Does Your Pool Need Shocking?

Chloramine buildup slows down the sanitation process and causes eye and skin irritation among swimmers. You will know that there is chloramine buildup when the chlorine smell becomes overpowering, because clean pool water does not have a smell.

To get rid of the chloramine, your Cape Coral pool service provider shocks your pool by adding chlorine ten times the level of chloramine. Through oxidation, the added chlorine rips apart the chloramine molecules, which then dissipate in the air. 

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All Seasons Pool Service: The Smart Choice

Many pool companies Cape Coral offer pool chemical services, so why choose us? For one, we at All Seasons Pool Service use only high quality chemicals that are safe for all types of pools and pool equipment.

Our registered and fully licensed technicians work thoroughly and meticulously to ensure that your pool remains clean and germ-free week after week, all year long. We don’t take shortcuts because your safety and satisfaction is our number one priority.

All our experts undergo training to guarantee a job well done every time they go and service Cape Coral and Fort Myers pools. We take pride in our techs whose expertise is exceeded only by their desire to truly give our customers the best pool services possible.

Experience excellent pool chemical service that only the best Cape Coral pool service provider can offer. With All Seasons Pool Service, you do not have to stress over the cleanliness and sanitation of your pool. Call us now and learn more about our pool treatment services.

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