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Pool Repair Service

Tropical city dwellers know that one of the greatest pleasures in life include owning a swimming pool. And why not? A pool allows you to take a refreshing dip after a long and tiring day at work, host Sunday a barbecue and swim party for family and friends, or simply lounge lazily in the water.

Known as the Sunshine State, Florida has wonderful subtropical and tropical climates and is therefore abundant with swimming pools of various kinds, be they residential or commercial pools. This is especially true in tropical Lee County which is abundant with Cape Coral and Fort Myers pools.

Pools provide respite from heat of the Florida sun all year long. However, pools and other water features require regular repairs and maintenance in order to function their best. Maintaining a pool is not a walk in the park, though, which is why dependable pool companies in Cape Coral FL are in high demand.

Tips in Choosing the Best Pool Service Cape Coral Company

Yes, you need a Cape Coral pool service provider to ensure that your pool is always in tiptop shape. But how do you choose among the many pool companies Cape Coral has? Here are some of the things you need to look for:

  1. In-depth knowledge of pool water chemistry. A good pool service provider employs best practices with regard to all aspects of pool water testing. If you want your pool to be clean, enjoyable and totally safe, make sure to hire a pool service Cape Coral FL firm whose pool technicians know and understand how to mix and adjust the right amounts of cleaning and conditioning chemicals such as chlorine and cyanuric acid, among others. They must also have sufficient knowledge about the water’s alkalinity in order  to ensure the safety not just of swimmers but of the pool equipment as well.
  2. Technicians’ skill, expertise and experience.  A great pool service provider is composed of staff who are specifically trained to perform repairs and maintenance for various pool systems. Do your homework and find out how well-versed the pool technicians are when it comes to cleaning and keeping the pool germ-free, and how comprehensive their knowledge is about pool devices, equipment and parts. Check the company’s certifications and licenses, and ask for referrals from trusted family and friends.
  3. Specialized equipment. No matter how knowledgeable and skilled your chosen pool technicians are, they still would not be able to handle pool issues properly without the correct equipment. Be sure to hire the services of a pool service company that has a complete set of dedicated equipment for all pool repair and maintenance needs.
  4. A trustworthy and dependable team. Knowledge, skill, and expertise are essential for a pool job well done. However, this should not be your only gauge. You must also ensure that the firm is transparent with their procedures. The pool service company must also send technicians who will not just expertly troubleshoot your pool issues, but also discuss with you various ways of addressing the problems before coming up with one that suits your needs and preferences.
  5. Year-round availability. How often can a pool service provider service your pool? Can they do it only on certain times of the year? Are their service times agreeable to your schedule? It also pays to have a pool service provider that is located close by. You should be able to call on your pool service provider should emergencies arise.
  6. Competitive Rates. Logically, anyone would want to look for a pool service provider that charges the least. This, however, can backfire on you. Some big scale pool service providers charge less because they serve a geographically bigger area and so employ more technicians who might not be as skilled and experienced as smaller providers whose main goal is to provide excellent pool services. Find a provider that will meet your budget and your pool’s specific needs.

All Seasons Pool Service: Trustworthy Pool Service Cape Coral Provider

If your pool is open all year, it is more susceptible to issues, including natural wear and tear. Your Cape Coral or Fort Myers pool needs regular check-ups, repairs and maintenance to ensure that it gives you years of enjoyment.

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While maintaining your own pool is possible, doing so can take up a lot of your time, which is why you need a reputable pool service Cape Coral firm to regularly maintain and preserve your pool.

This is where All Seasons Pool Service comes in. We service all types and kinds of Cape Coral and Fort Myers pools to give residential pool owners and commercial facilities managers peace of mind.

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The Pool Service Cape Coral Company for All Your Needs

All Seasons Pool Service offers the following services for all Cape Coral and Fort Myers pools:

  • New pool care. Just got your pool installed? Leave it to us to start it up. This step is an important part in determining the longevity and proper functioning of your new or newly resurfaced pool.
  • Weekly pool maintenance. We service your pool by the week, skimming the surface for leaves and other floating debris, emptying skimmer baskets, vacuuming, checking the pool water’s chlorine and pH levels, and doing the necessary procedures to ensure water safety and integrity.
  • Equipment maintenance, repair and replacement. We perform all the necessary steps to check and diagnose your pool equipment, which includes your pool’s pump and filter systems to ensure proper pool functioning and longer life for your equipment. We clean filters, set pump timers
  • Water chemistry balancing and sanitizing. We keep your pool water balanced in terms of alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness to maximize your pool’s appeal and life span. We also measure and adjust the amount of chlorine in your pool water to guarantee your family’s safety.

Proper pool maintenance is crucial to ensuring that you can enjoy your pool for a very long time. Allowing scheduled maintenance to slip from time to time might not seem like a big deal, but it can cause big problems in the long run. If you cannot perform regular pool upkeep, be on the safe side and hire a reputable pool service provider, such as All Seasons Pool Service. Call us now and learn more about the whole range of services we offer.

Pool Repair Services We Offer:

  • Filter, Motor, and Pump Repair. All these equipment are essential in the proper functioning of a pool. If you notice your pump making weird noises, sucking air in, or leaking water, then something is amiss. If the motor suddenly comes to a halt or the water in the pool gets unusually dirty, it’s time to contact the pros.
  • Plumbing Repair and Replacement. Your pool’s plumbing will encounter issues over time, but don’t fret as our pool technicians are always at the ready to repair and replace your pool’s pipe system.
  • Leak Repair. Leaks, no matter how small, can spell major disaster if left unrepaired. Fortunately, our licensed techs can easily diagnose and repair these leaks and restore your pool back to life
  • Deck and Caulking Repair. Cracks and chips on your pool deck? Trouble with your pool’s caulking? We know and understand why and how these issues develop. But the best thing is we also know how to get rid of these issues.
  • …and many more! What are you waiting for? Stop stressing over your pool repair needs and contact us now!